Cumberland County Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 Study – AEP5 Report
In 2016 Cumberland County participated in the Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 study organized by Americans for the Arts.  This study analyzed the economic impact of the nation’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences.  In Cumberland County, the study determined that the nonprofit arts and culture sector is a significant industry – one that generates $16.7 million in total economic activity annually.

Cultural & Heritage Commission Long-Range Plan: 2013-2018 – Long-Range Plan 2013-2018
Cultural & Heritage Commission Long-Range Plan: 2007-2012Long-Range Plan 2007-2012
Cultural & Heritage Commission Long-Range Plan: 2002-2006Long-Range Plan 2002-2006
Cultural & Heritage Commission Long-Range Plan: 1995-2001Long-Range Plan 1995-2001
In November 2006 Nancy Moses, a specialist in cultural planning and author of the Cumberland County, New Jersey Cultural Plan, was retained to develop an Organizational Long-Range Plan extending over five years. The planning process not only assessed the Commission’s operations and impact, but set exemplary standards to guide its future and establish rubrics to measure progress. Ms. Moses was again secured in 2012 to facilitate a 5-year extension of the plan.

Cultural & Heritage Commission 2016 Annual Report – 2016 Annual Report
Cultural & Heritage Commission 2015 Annual Report – 2015 Annual Report
Cultural & Heritage Commission 2014 Annual Report – 2014 Annual Report
Cultural & Heritage Commission 2013 Annual Report2013 Annual Report
Cultural & Heritage Commission 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report
Cultural & Heritage Commission 2011 Annual Report2011 Annual Report
Starting in 2011, the Commission released a report of its calendar-year activities both to promote its numerous programs and initiatives and to assess its effectiveness in serving the cultural communities of Cumberland County.

Cumberland County Cultural PlanDOWNLOAD PDF HERE!
In August of 2004, the South Jersey Economic Development District, in cooperation with the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission, retained Nancy Moses, Planning & Development Consultant and Dr. Thomas A. Reiner to develop a Cultural Plan for the County. Its primary goal is to use cultural and heritage resources to strengthen the County’s economic base, providing jobs for current residents, attracting new ones, and adding new enterprises. Secondary goals are to improve the quality of life for all those in the County, and to build the capacity of the cultural/heritage sector. This Plan will guide the Cultural & Heritage Commission’s work program over the coming months and years, and implementation of the recommendations contained therein is considered a high priority.

ADA Plan 2013-2015 – ADA Plan 2013-2015
ADA Plan 2010-2013ADA Plan 2010-2013
The Commission’s Americans with Disabilities Act Plan sets the standards and procedures the Commission maintains to ensure that its programming and facilities are accessible to the widest possible audience. This plan has received an “Excellent” rating from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Updated every three years, the Commission encourages the use of this plan as a template for cultural and heritage organizations who have set barrier-free access in all its definitions as a significant goal. In 2012, the Cultural Access Network standardized ADA Plan formatting with a simplified questionnaire.